JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia - Charge the battery

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Charge the battery
Before using the speaker, you must install and charge the battery. To install the

battery, open up the cable storage cover and the battery cover, line the battery

contacts and insert the battery.


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When the battery charge of the speaker is low, the battery status indicator flashes

red. When the battery is charging, the light stays on.

1 Plug the charger into a wall outlet.
2 Connect the charger cable to the charger connector on the speaker.
3 When the battery is full, first disconnect the charger from the speaker, then from

the wall outlet.

You can also use a compatible USB cable to charge the battery. Charging over USB

can take longer to charge. If you connect the speaker using a non-powered hub,

charging may not work. Your speaker charges more quickly when connected to a wall


To charge over USB, you can only use the USB connection on the speaker.

To remove the battery, open the battery cover, and gently remove the battery.

Check the battery charge
When the speaker is on, press the power key quickly to check the battery charge. The

battery status indicator lights show the battery status. A green light shows there is

enough battery charge. If the light is yellow, you may need to recharge the battery

soon. If the light is red and flashes, recharge the battery.